Songs of Salvation, Praise, Worship

This is the July 4th Independence Day for the United States of America, “commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago on July 4, 1776. The Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation, the United States of America, and were no longer part of the British Empire. The Congress actually voted to declare independence two days earlier, on July 2.”   As a nation and people we look back 2 1/2 centuries to consider what we are and how we became such. Each us reflect or think about our own place in this larger family of Americans, and as with all families, the good and bad, the bitter and the sweet, and the best or worst we have been or are.
It is also now 40 years to date that I was on my way to South America for church and gospel missions. But San Diego became my new home, and soon I was married and with a family rooted here. It was here I met my wife and some who are still very much part of our lives. I thought to share some patriotic songs which have found there way into the churches and the hearts of Christians throughout America, but decided to wait till after the holiday to do so. Instead I’ll share some hymns and songs from one those Christians I met in San Diego, and who has become very dear to me in Christ. Of the many songs he has composed these he sent me to share in my collections of Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs.

John P. Hillshafer:

I have chosen a few for your consideration. The first three are certainly from our first contacts and growth in fellowship during the late 70’s and early 80’s.

1. The Lion is the Lamb

On the battleground the naked figure stands
in the shadow of all that death demands.
Look! He conquers without pleading His own case!
Because He came as the One who takes my (our) place!
Now He comes this great and mighty One!
The True soldier that has never shot a gun….
and, yet, He captures the hearts of many a man
without combat that is fought by hand to hand.
So see God’s wisdom that shows strength thru humility…
As He sets aside this proud man’s ability!
Then I see Jesus called the ‘Lion of the tribe’
Show true strength as the Lamb willing to die!
Behold! the Lion is the Lamb
Behold! the Lion is the Lamb
Behold! the Lion is the Lamb
Behold! the Lamb!
2. Jehovah is Salvation
Jehovah is salvation!
In this we now behold
The gracious proclamation
That prophets had foretold…
That God’s Word became a Man
That men with God can be!
This is salvation’s plan
That God Himself conceived!
Jehovah is salvation!
And Jesus is His name
Redeeming His creation
His Lordship to proclaim!
How God prepared His body
As the offering for sin.
That we may now come boldly
The Father’s favor win!
Jehovah is salvation!
To this, oh saints, awake!
The joy of our salvation
Restored each time we take
His body shared as bread
And the cup, His blood makes peace!
And where the saints are fed
All accusations cease!
Jehovah is salvation!
In Christ this is declared!
The Father’s revelation
This has Satan snared!
The foe’s fate surely sealed
Mankind’s place is restored…
Our life is now concealed
In Christ our risen Lord!
Jehovah is salvation!
Ascended to the throne!
There glory’s coronation
Belongs to Him alone!
Lord Jesus there you’re seated
At the Father’s own right hand!
In You man is completed…
And in You we shall stand!


3. One more day to see Your Mercy

One more day to see Your mercy
Made alive to voice Your praise!
One more breath for Your expression
With my mouth glad songs to raise!

Oh to this my dear Lord Jesus
Yes to this to be found true…
That Your life would mine replace
Made as faithful, Lord, as You!
That Your life would mine replace
Made as faithful, Lord, as You!

Gracious steadfast love our Father
Toward Your children You command…
In Your Son our dear Lord Jesus
Who for us met Your demand.


This fact more than I can fathom
HalleluJah! wise design…
Trading my unrighteous fervor
For Christ’s righteousness made mine!


This is now my only Sabbath…
To find sweetest rest in Him!
Sweetest Lord, my endless Sabbath!
Your own blood cleansed all my sin!



4. Groaning in Our Prayers

Creation, We, and Spirit
Groan in captivity…
Even so, come Lord Jesus!
The travailing harmony!
So weak and oft’ infirm we don’t know what to pray
Your Spirit overcomes our weakness to show us what to say!
Precious are Your words Lord Jesus! By Spirit make them mine,
That even the weakest prayer the Father can define!
Though muttered as faint and feeble, from earth be Spirit-driven!
And launch our humbled efforts into the Heaven of heavens!
From there the Father answers the Man who fills the breach!
The Christ our intercessor, thru Him, God’s heart we reach!
Receive the Holy Spirit that Christ our prayers fill,
Add the golden altar’s incense, to move along God’s will!
In Christ we see the vision our God has given Him…
We, too, now pray “Our Father”, Your Kingdom come and King!
Creation, We, and Spirit
Groan in captivity…
Even so, come Lord Jesus!
The travailing harmony!

5. Would my Heart

Would my heart this morning meet You
As this earth toward the Sun must face.
Here in mercies new to greet You
finding, Lord, Your shining grace!

Rays of sunshine brightly beaming
Mountain shadows flee the gaze!
Earthen vessels by His gleaming,
Shine in Christ Whom God has raised!

Stir me with deep, sincere affections
Blessed reminder each daybreak
That living hope by resurrection
Raised in us for Jesus’ sake!


Also from “Bible Reflections”: (“a song in meditation of the Sabbath of God in Creation”)

6. God is at Work! Hallelujah!

God is at Work! Hallelujah!
God is at Work! Hallelujah!
God is at work, is at work in you.
Both to will and do in measure,
All that is in own good pleasure.
God is at work, is at work in you.

Oft without your comprehension:
Not by your own good intention;
God is at work, He’s at work in you.
How the mystery relieves us:
That by grace He has received us:
This is His work, is His work in you.
Both to will and do in measure
All that’s in His own good pleasure.
God is at work; He’s at work in you.

He works to put us where He’s resting,
In His Christ Who’s passed all testing.
God is at rest, He’s at rest in Christ!
Oh dear saints tis such a blessing,
That our God can work while resting.
God is at work; He’s at work in Christ!


About mjmselim

Male, 65, born in Jamaica, USA since 1961, citizen in 2002; cobbler for 40 plus years, Christian since 1969; married to same wife since 1979; 6 daughters and 2 sons, with 7 grandkids. Slowly adapting to the digital world of computers and internet; hobby in digital editing.
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