This week I was preparing to share something else, since I have been preoccupied with Church Missions, as I said before. It is perhaps just as well that I was interrupted by a hospital visit while doing some research on Sparks and Nee. So here are a few of my own Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs written in the 70s-80s.

1. mjm.1976. The Lord’s Mercy.

O Lord what mercy You have shown
In bearing all our woes;
You were abused, mistreated too,
Receiving all the blows.
The Lamb of God. o Lord, You are,
The Sacrifice for sin;
Your precious blood for us was shed,
The spotless offering.
Lord, as we gaze upon Your glor’
Our hearts within rejoice;
With thanks to God our Father true,
We ever lift our voice.
Soon, Lord, we’ll see Your blessed self;
Then shall all praises be,
To You, Who’s on the Father’s throne,
For all eternity.
Our Father, hasten, then, that day
Of Your bless’d Son’s return,
And by Your Holy Spirit, now,
Enkindle hearts to yearn.
O grant that as we wait for Him,
We ever watch and pray,
And walk in faith and hope and love,
Until that glor’ous day.

2. mjm.1981. Oh HalleluJah. (Tune: Morning has Broken as sung by Cat Stevens.)

Oh Hallelujah; Oh Hallelujah:
Praises to Jesus, I’ll ever sing!
Oh HalleluJah; Oh HalleluJah:
Glory to God’s Son we’ll ever bring!
Lord we behold You,  You the Most Holy;
Seated in glory,  Now on God’s throne.
Glory, Lord Jesus,  Glory, Lord Jesus:
Our hearts are moved to   Worship and own!
Oh, what an honor;  Oh, what a blessing:
That in redemption  Your blood was shed.
Blood of redemption!  Blood of salvation!
Glorious Saviour,  You died in our stead.
Father of Glory,  We do acknowledge;
That Your own love  Has given Your Son.
Father we worship;  Abba we confess:
That our poor hearts Your  Love has now won.

This is recovery;  This is reunion:
That vile (lost) sinners  To God reconciled!
Father, You’ve done it,  In the Lord Jesus;
Who for our ransom,  Himself denied.

Oh Hallelujah; Oh Hallelujah:
Praises to Jesus, I’ll ever sing!
Oh HalleluJah; Oh HalleluJah:
Glory to God’s Son we’ll ever bring!

3. mjm.1980. (Tune: Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do…)

GOD the Maker of all things:
LORD of heaven and of earth:
MAN the object of His grace:
LAW given to Israel:
CHRIST (the) Son , the Word made flesh:
CHURCH of Holy Spirit born:
NEW all that which is to come:
And this brings us back to GOD….

4. Hebrews 13:20-21 mjm.1977. (Also compare John Newton’s version.)

And now the God of peace,
Who from the dead regained,
E’en the Great Shepherd of the sheep,
Jesus our Lord (and Friend):
(God has the Shapherd raised,
The sheep have been set free,)
By the blood of a covenant
For all eternity;
May He make you perfect
In every (word) that’s right,
(May He lead you) to do His will
Inworking His delight.
(Now to the God of peace,)
Through Jesus Christ again,
Be the glory forevermore,
And evermore. Amen.

5. Romans 5:12-21. mjm.1976. (A strict literal rendition.)

Sin by one man entered the world,
And death became the end;
So death has passed upon all men,
For truly all have sinned.
For sin was here before the law,
And in the world it dwelt;
But sin is not imputed when
The law has not been dealt.
Yet from Adam until Moses
The death has ruled supreme.
Yes, even over all of them
Who had not sinned like him.
(Now Adam who was the first man
Is simply just a type),
The figure of One yet to come,
(A preview of the Christ.)
But not as was the transgression,
Is the free gift to be:
For if by the tresspass of one
Many have died we see,
Then much more the grace of God,
And the gift by grace, found,
Of one Man, Jesus Christ Himself,
To m’ny indeed abound.
And not as through one who had sinned,
Is the gift apportion:
For the judgment is of the one
Unto condemnation;
But now the free gift is, indeed,
Of many trespasses,
Even to justification,
Of One’s righteous-act is.
For, if by the tresspass of one,
Death has ruled supremely;
Then much more shall they who receive
Of grace abundantly,
And of the gift of righteousness,
Rule in life forever;
And this alone by means of One:
Jesus Christ (the Victor).
So then through the trespass of one;
On all condemnation;
Even so through one righteous-act;
Life’s justification.
For as through one’s disobed’ence
M’ny sinners were made,
Even so through One’s obed’ence
There’s m’ny righteous instead.
And, besides this, the law came in
That the trespass might ‘bound;
But in the place where sin increased,
There grace was the more found:
That, even as sin ruled in death,
Might grace rule, in accord,
Through righteousness to et’rnal life,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

About mjmselim

Male, 65, born in Jamaica, USA since 1961, citizen in 2002; cobbler for 40 plus years, Christian since 1969; married to same wife since 1979; 6 daughters and 2 sons, with 7 grandkids. Slowly adapting to the digital world of computers and internet; hobby in digital editing.
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